Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New blog helpers - thank you!

I can't believe it's only six weeks until we finish up the alphabet challenge ... but not wishing that time away ... of course

over the next few weeks I will be contacting you to ask if you wish to continue playing along on Tag Tuesday ... some of you have already confirmed that you wish to remain a part of the group and I have been slowly adding names to a more up to date list ... thereafter I shall be contacting new players who have been patiently waiting for a place on the blog

I am very happy to announce that I have accepted three very kind offers of help on the blog and so we now have an admin team of four ... thank you to ...

MO - Twinkletoes
CAROLYN - ici et la
VALERIE - Bastelmania

Mo has kindly agreed to assist with blog updates and some
of the background things that sometimes need attention

Valerie has kindly agreed to help with players, new members and updating the waiting list  and I will be writing a separate note about this later

Carolyn Howarth (the other Carolyn) is happy to assist as the new theme co-ordinator.  From 9th July, Carolyn will be setting the weekly themes and will do her best to accommodate your suggestions for these.  Carolyn will post the themes for the months ahead and will also update the prompts at the top of the blog.  I have passed on to her the suggestions of themes that you have so far come up with.  If you have a personal favourite theme that you would like to work to you can contact Carolyn and she will do her best to work it in, whilst also trying to keep things on a seasonal footing where possible

contact Carolyn Howarth about themes

I will continue to oversee the blog and will continue to assist with all these things ... you still have my 100% attention and can drop me a line at any time if you have trouble posting or think I can help with anything connected to the running of the blog etc.

contact Carolyn Saxby about the blog generally

I think that's all for the time being ...

{loving all your tags}


  1. Thank you so much Mo, Carolyn and Valerie for agreeing to assist with Tag Tuesday. I cannot join in every week but I really enjoy it when I can. I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done.
    If I can be of assistance in any way and I am not 'hors de combat' at the time I will.
    I am going on a new drug trial any day now so keep your fingers crossed for me.
    Fond regards
    Pat x

  2. I am so glad to be able to help in any small way I can. I feel especially honoured as I don't have a blog as you know, and so have no practical experience of the 'workings'. So thank you Carolyn for putting your trust in me.
    Thank you for your comment Pat and best wishes with your new meds. It's always a pleasure to see your work when you are able to join in.
    Love n hugs to one & all
    Mo x

  3. Hey that's great news well done girls ;) I was so tempted to put my name forward but have trouble keeping up with everything atm! Im sure you will all make a great job of things around here :)x

  4. Glad we can help, it's a great blog, and YOU deserve help in running it! Valerie

  5. Really looking forward to being of some help. Don't forget everyone to e mail me with your theme suggestions! Best wishes. Carolyn xx

  6. Well done Mo, Carolyn and Valerie for accepting the challenge. I look forward to seeing how the blog develops from now. I have decided to bow out after the alphabet, there are so many other creative things I want to do and there are not enough hours in the day! I will though keep in touch and hope to look in every week. I wish you all the best! Jane xx

  7. Tha nk you Mo, Carolyn and Valerie, what a team this will be! I'm looking forward to seeing what the new challenges will be! Love to all, barb x

  8. Thank you to the Fantastic Four for continuing the Tag Tuesday challenge. Your commitment is really appreciated! I am determined to keep up after such a busy first part of the year. Regards, Wilma


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