Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hello All, there are so many Calligraphy ‘Wwords I didn’t know  where to start!   In the end I chose Words, Without Which any calligrapher Would be lost!
To start with I used some Wonderfully textured Watercolour paper with a Watermark along the deckle edge.

Next, I used a Witch Pen to Write ‘Words’  with masking fluid.
(A Witch Pen is a simple steel nib that comes complete with wooden penholder and is ideal for use on rough papers like mine.  It is made by William Mitchell.)
Then I used Warm Watercolours and a Wide brush to paint a Wash over my tag.
Next I Wrote over the top, in Warm sepia ink, the following quote by Jodi Picoult:
Words are like nets - We hope they'll cover What We mean, but We know they can't possibly hold that much joy, or grief, or Wonder.”

Finally I used sealing Wax and White ribbon to finish off my tag.

Did you know? William Mitchell Pens , established in 1825, is still a leading manufacturer of dip pens and nibs.  This is the witch pen with a vintage shop-card of  nibs:

Sorry about poor photos, I'm having trouble with photo manager this week!                                    
 Thank you for all your comments about my Versals last week, I appreciate them all.  I’m looking forward to seeing all  your W Tags.  Have a Wonderful week . . . X should be interesting!
Bye for now,
Love Jane xx


  1. Love it! Great paper choice!

  2. Wonderful writing again, and very interesting learning about those pens and nibs! Valerie

  3. I always think calligraphy is a very romantic form of writing. You create with it so wonderfully Jane :0)

  4. Wow! I love the way you were able to layer your text by first using masking fluid to write with. Blessings!

  5. I love the interest you added by writing "words" in masking fluid. The wax seal is another nice touch!

  6. Beautiful tag again with clever techniques, love the wax seal.x

  7. Another lovely calligraphy tag - love the sealing wax! Carolyn xx

  8. Stunning work... Beautiful detail.. Love it! Hgs May x x x

  9. Beautiful elegant tag - as always very envious of your calligraphy skills and I love those vintage nibs too! :o)x

  10. Gorgeous, I like all the elements which make up this beautiful tag.

  11. Words are very important, lovely writing again ;) and your card of nibs looks fab!

  12. Lovely tag, Jane. Words seems an appropriate subject for a calligraphy tag!
    Jane x

  13. Your Calligraphy is Beautiful! Love the photo of the vintage shop-card nibs. :)


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