Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Complementary Colours

What a friendly place Tag Tuesday is to play!
I was inspired to create using purple, orange and green for this piece.

Out in our garden a big drama is taking place as Spring has arrived and many birds hearts are thinking of love, or lust depending on your viewpoint.
Larry Lorikeet is smitten by Lolita Lorikeet but she doesn't appear interested.
So as the clever bird he is, with a marketing degree no less, he believes in advertising.
Slowly he cruises past Lolita all day, dragging his sign along.
Such a shame she's already got the chicks!
He's dismissed!

My lorikeets are made from Muslin Paper, which has multiple layers of tissue added onto a muslin base.
It's a very sticky process but rather fun to make.
This creates a wonderfully firm paper which die cuts beautifully.
The nest is multi stencilled and the background is a scrap from a colour experiment.

Moral to the story- choose your advertising targets very carefully,
or early bird gets the bird!


  1. great tag and a wonderful story in your post. The colours mix so well together

    Chrissie x

  2. What a sweet story to go with your tag. Love those birdies.

  3. Great textures to your tag. Interesting!

  4. Such a cute sentiment and pretty birds!

  5. I love all the rich textures in your tag. Blessings!

  6. :D I love the story that goes along with your deliciously colored tag. Thanks for the grin this morning!

  7. Love all the textures, especially the layered tissue on the birds! Very nice!

  8. Such a clever post and a cute tag--put a smile on my face. I love lorikeets! My funniest memory of them is when one cleaned the wax out of my son's ear at a Lorikeet enclosure area at the zoo!

  9. Amazing work. Love the birds and your background is awesome!!

  10. Love the story and the use of muslin papers! X

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty bird(S)!

  12. Lovely story, and a fabulous tag.

  13. Gorgeous tag, Love all the texture & fabulous colours...Simply Beautiful... Hugs May x x x

  14. Love your birdies! A super tag! Carolyn xx


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