Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hello and thank you for visiting.
Within the space of an hour the other day we had........
A large bus pull up on our drive and a whole lot of very happy people, many dressed in clown outfits leap out of the bus and photograph the amazing scenery we enjoy every day.
Then..... a few minutes of quiet.....
followed by  humming and thrumming.... an intriguing, busy noise.
A queen from a big beehive that is up high in gum trees had left the hive.
Thousands and thousands of her workers accompanied her.
A buzzing melee ( how do they keep out of each others way) ensued for a few minutes
and then off  they went.
And I went back to my quiet afternoon.
My tag celebrates the marvellous spectacle I witnessed.
I love - How the new washi tape is perfect with hexagons and Dyan Reaveley's pithily perfect sentiments work so well.
I'm off now to polish my crown.


  1. Hmm... clowns then bees? A bit weird! Lovely tag however!

  2. perfection! love the queen bee with her crown and all the wonderful embellishments! xo

  3. What a day! Lovely tag, Valerie

  4. Two adventures in one day -how wonderful.

    I would have loved to have seen the bees moving house and it is a brilliant idea to have made a stunning tag in celebration of the event.

    Chrissie x

  5. This must have been a wonderful sight! Your tag is super - I love all the different elements. Carolyn xx

  6. Great minds think alike! I had made mine before I saw this, great tag, love it! X

  7. Really interesting tag with a lot of detail.
    Jane x

  8. What a quirky and fabulous afternoon! A bit like Dyan, I think. ;) Lovely tag. Sparkle away, m'lady.

  9. Great tag, and a lovely story.

  10. Love the opulence! Based on the royal bee entourage you described, I believe your commemorative piece of art is very appropriate. Blessings!

  11. wonderful how you incorporate your daily environment into your art

  12. I think you perfectly captured the uniqueness of that day! :-) Great tag, and I LOVE the sentiment.


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