Thursday, 12 December 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas

I was so glad to see that Wilma has her larrikin Aussie spirit alive and well! Mine is too!
Clicking around to visit right now might be a pain so here's my blog post. I hope you enjoy my silliness.

It's Started!
With 12 days to go has well and truly started!
"We want a flowering indoor tree!"
"What size,?" I ask.
"To fill the space where the spare bed is."
"No room at that inn," I think!
This year I am writing the gems down!
Then I'm going to add them to my Super Tag and create a Memory Page.
Over at TAG TUESDAY we are exploring the 12 Days of Christmas.
I hate to disappoint you.
 There are No Partridges nor Pear Trees Here!
The Maids wouldn't be seen milking anything and as for leaping lords...
well there's a scary thought!"
Even "Sweet Bird" - named after his fabulous Cadbury Chocolate coloured foliage can get a tad irritated.
Yes, we all keep smiling!
It's not called the Silly Season for nothing
But ...
as Charlie put it so eloquently
I hope you are all ignoring Life's prickles and laughing at some of the season's silliness!
Oh and a word of advice....
don't go shopping WITHOUT THE LIST!
PS If you are looking for fabulous plants and a laugh come on out and meet Sweet Thing!


  1. I can tell you really had fun with this one. Blessings!

  2. you have my giggling! and the tag is great colorful fun! happy christmas! xo

  3. so clever! You certainly have put me in a holiday mood!

  4. Love your sense of humour! A really fun tag. Carolyn xx

  5. What a wonderful tag and always love a good story with any make :).If the story makes me smile as well my day is made even better.

    Love Chrissie x

  6. What a hoot! A great tag and a laugh to start the day, thank you! Jane xx

  7. A great fun post and tag! X

  8. Love the collage-y look to your tag!

  9. Wonderful, just love the sense of humour. Brilliant tag.


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