Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas

I guess you weren't expecting this ... an Australian animals/birds  version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me 
12 parrots prattling 
11 numbats nagging 
10 lizards leaping
9 wombats working
8 dingoes digging
7 possums playing 
6 brolgas dancing
5 kangaroos 
4 koalas cuddling 
3 kookaburras laughing 
2 pink galahs 
And an emu up a gum tree  .... ( this of course is highly unlikely!)

The tag is stamped and hand drawn over a computer generated text.
Today here it was 30 degreesC - so, Christmas has a very different feel to it from the cold and wintry scenes many of you experience in the northern hemisphere. Hope you all have a great week! Wilma


  1. That sure is different! Sounds nice and warm too. I'm freezing today!!

  2. Loving the tag and your version of the song! Valerie

  3. Tehehehe, thats such a fun tag. Must look up a couple of those animals though, no idea what a brolga is, for example.

  4. A real fun tag and a very different list of gifts

    Chrissie xx

  5. I had a real chuckle at this! very funny great tag. x

  6. That is hilarious!! Great job Wilma :o)

  7. so creative--love this version!

  8. so much fun! i love the use of your local creatures. fun tag. xo

  9. What a fun take on this carol. Love it!

  10. Brilliant!! I love the idea of an emu up a gum tree. A wonderful tag. Carolyn xx

  11. I LOVE your Australian animals take on this challenge! Your artwork is perfect too. Blessings!

  12. Wilma I have prattling parrots, leaping lizards and an even bigger gaggle of kookaburras that I would be delighted to share with you. I pulled this poem out too but went somewhere else.
    Be wary of those galahs and happy Christmas to you!
    PS the Kookaburras timing leaves a lot to be desired - 3 o'clock in the morning they are still partying.

  13. Fabulous tag, love the idea.


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