Friday, 17 January 2014

Capital Cities

Hi there Tuesday Taggers!

Well, I know there are loads of capital cities to choose from, but for me there can be only one ... London! Although there are many other beautiful cities I'd love to visit, London is where I was born, it's where my sons now live and work, it's full of history yet still full of life, and I love how you can always find a spot to sit still and watch the whole world go by ...

So, enough rambling already! Here's my tag ...

I used up some patriotic leftovers - I bought loads of red white and blue goodies in 2012, the year when London hosted the Olympic Games AND we celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee - what a year that was, and I just had to consult Professor Google to convince myself it was really two years ago - where is the time going?!

These stamps were lovely to use, but unfortunately I can't tell you who made them (don't you wish the manufacturers would print their names on there somewhere?)

I did lots of layering, distressing and inking to add some depth - and of course I realised too late that I should have put the phone box in front of Big Ben rather than the other way around, because now it looks like a GIANT PHONE BOX!!!

Ah well ... a bit of artistic license :o)

Thanks for looking at my tag, I'm dying to see which capital cities you've all chosen

Cheerio for now xxx


  1. Lovely tag, and you are so right - as a Londoner, I must agree that it is the best place in the world! Valerie

  2. Excelent layering Annie. A giant red pone box is perfect - they are so rare in these days of mobile phones. I'd love to have one in my garden :o)

  3. I love the way you created a focal point with the layering of all your wonderful British goodies. Blessings!

  4. It's such a great tag Annie.
    I love London too and your tag brings the memories flooding back for me.
    Wonderful layering - great that you kept those bits from the jubilee year!
    Shane x

  5. Terrific tag with so many things that say London

    Chrissie x

  6. Annie I'm having a giggle as when I visited London my son only wanted a photo of the phone boxes and the buses so it was easy to make him happy. I totally loved both my visits to London and yes I will be back. Agree with you about not knowing who made a stamp - tricky stuff!
    PS I like the juxtaposition you have of the elements on your tag!

  7. I like the flourish of embellies in the lower left corner--great use of those "leftovers" as you say.

  8. Wow! What a patriotic tag, Great use of images to show off our capital. I really like your giant phone box!
    Jane x

  9. Love your London tag... Now why did I not think of that...Love it... Hugs May x x x

  10. Great tag - love all those icons, and the red phone box is so important - the placement is fine I think.


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