Saturday, 18 January 2014

Capital Cities

Hello everyone!
I'm a New Zealander
so I thought I should create a tag
that represents the Capital City
of my little country down under.

I found two images via Google
which distinguish Wellington
from other cities here.
The top one is called 
the Beehive
which is our Parliament building.

The red cable car
transports people up-hill
from the city centre to the suburb of Kelburn.

This cheeky looking little fella is a kiwi.
He is our national bird
and New Zealanders are often called Kiwis
especially when overseas!

I found this tag a challenge!
Paris would have been fun for me
but I thought I should show some

Thank you all for the encouragement
you've given me since I joined Tag Tuesday.
Shane x


  1. Lovely tag, and nice to have a different capital this time. You asked what I changed on my tag . I put me making a face on Miss Liberty's tablet! Valerie

  2. Fantastic tag and great to see that you have chosen your Capital City.

    Chrissie x

  3. I love your tag and post, because I feel that art is such a marvelous educational vehicle. My favorite part of the tag is your lettering and the sweet kiwi silhouettes. Blessings!

  4. Those Kiwis are so very cute. I've never visited & will probably never get the chance, but the images I've seen on TV make me wish I could visit NZ. It is a stunning country, it's great you showed your patriotism. :o)

  5. Shane I love your tag as we are neighbours! Don't know why but I thought Auckland was your capital. One day I will see some of what your beautiful country has to offer!

  6. Love looking at images from a capitol I'm not that familiar with.

  7. Great tag with strong images. Another tag which makes me want to visit! I love being part of an international group and learning about other cultures.
    Jane x

  8. Brilliant tag...Love the images... hugs May x x x

  9. a great depiction of a beautiful city - love those kiwis!
    Wilma, from across the strait.


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