Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Christmas swap tags have circled the globe...

and finally returned to me!
 After a bit of a detour!
 Carolyn asked that I post them, even so late, so here they are:
 This beautiful fabric and paper combination tag was by Milissa
 Joy in black and white by Mary
 Shane's Father Christmas, all a-sparkle which my camera didn't capture, sorry!
 Star of Wonder by Jane
a green goddess in a cute envelope, by Wilma


  1. stunning tags that you received! better late than never... xo

  2. very glad you recvd the package and glad you can enjoy the tags finally.....thanks, milissa

  3. whew! glad these beauties found their way to you!

  4. Your ovely tags sure took the long way round, I am still waiting for mine! Valerie

  5. Beautiful tags and what a journey they have had

    Thank you for sharing them

    Love Chrissie x

  6. If only your tags could talk and tell you of their adventures! Beautifully done by one and all. So glad they found their way home.

  7. WOW...What a journey they have had... so glad they arrived in the end...Hugs May x x

  8. so happy you got them finally . They were probably here in Australia when I received on Christmas Eve, so they have made good time!


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