Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Myths and Legends

A monochromatic tag for this week's theme.

I went with Cupid since we're close to Valentine's Day.  Although Olympus would have been a good choice since I'm looking forward to the winter games.

After checking a few internet information sites, I've come to the conclusion that the Greek god of love, the slender youth Eros (son of Aphrodite) was transformed by the Romans into Cupid, a chubby cherub, son of the love goddess Venus.

This transformation made me think of Tim Holtz' stamp and word band.  And so the tag evolved, complete with stamping on graph paper.  Ranger weathered wood distress ink was added for an aged look. Per chance, the scrap of paper was something left behind by the Romans?

Have a great week!  Helene aka 2amscrapper.


  1. Excellent tag Helene :) It's amazing what the Romans left behind ;)

  2. Cool design idea! Using the graph paper to print him on and leaving frayed edges on the paper was really clever. Blessings!

  3. Helen it is simply lovely! xo

  4. Terrific choice of subject for this wonderful tag

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Is the background embossed? It looks gorgeous and the 'scrap' of paper with Cupid and those two options is such a fun idea, love it.

  6. Your approach to this is just so creative! Everything works which isn't always easy. Fab tag!

  7. Great use of Tim's stamp!


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