Saturday, 8 February 2014


Of course, I love this week's theme - when you live in Australia, there almost seems to be too many choices. I made two tags - unsure which one I would post, I am going to beg for the privilege of posting both... 
The first one is a copy of a much loved family photo - my husband as a three year old, with his mother and two older sisters, on board the  SS Chitral , bound for Australia in 1950. They were known as 'ten pound Poms' . In the 1950s British adult citizens could emigrate to Australia for ten pounds. Youth under the age of 19 had a free passage! The background for this tag  is blue Inktense pencil with a painted "sun" , just so those cute sunglasses would not be wasted. The words are taken from a print advertisement, encouraging "healthy, hard working Britons" to take advantage of the assisted passage and share in the "development and prosperity" of Australia.  The second tag is one following my previous "tea bag" work - featuring the Billy Tea label, with the words of Waltzing Matilda  printed onto used  tea bag paper. (A billy is a metal tin with a handle , used for boiling water and making tea over an open fire, especially in the Australian bush.) I added a real gum (eucalypt) leaf, and stitched it to the tag. 
I have enjoyed seeing your interpretations of "Australia" and thank you for such wonderful tributes to this amazing, beautiful country. 


  1. Wonderful tags and I recall lots of people going to Australia when I was child-my dad went often on business and said we should have gone to live there.

    Chrissie x

  2. Beautiful tags, I remember the 10 pound fares, my dad wanted to go, but my Mum refused to leave London! Hugs,

  3. Both your tags are terrific Wilma and of course both have images I too am very ancestors arrived quite a while before the 10 pound offer!
    How lucky we are here in Australia to have had so many choose to come and become part of the Melting pot. I love the diversity, enthusiasm and passion for life there is here.
    It has been terrific to see what the artists from around the world have used as their inspiration.

  4. Oh my, £10 to go to Australia!? What a bargain. Wish they'd invite us again for that price, haha. our famly tag is a great memory and the teabag tag is an awesome colour :o)

  5. I like both tags, but the first one is definitely my favorite one. I love the sentimental feel of it with the sweet picture of your husband's family bound to Australia. Blessings!

  6. Love the tags and the stories. I too remember the call to Australia, they were advertising in the newspapers in the 70's for people to emigrate there. ~Diane

  7. Such interesting tags , Wilma. Wonderful the way you have used your family history for your tag. The second one perfectlyrepresents Australia.
    Jane x


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