Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Hi everybody!

It's Tuesday again, so time for a new challenge.

Our theme  this week is 'dolls' - yikes. I only had one doll when I was 5, and took it apart as I didn't like it, so never got another one. But at school we often used to make these little paper dolls, so I made a pair of them today. I cut them from scrap paper, and made them each a pinafore from other scraps. Just a very simple tag today.

Here's wishing you all a good week, and hope you all have more ideas for doll tags than I did!



  1. I never have any luck creating the paper dolls with the joined hands, so I'm well impressed :-) I love the background with the hessian and think the flower is very pretty. Jobs done :-D Hugs, x

  2. This is wonderful Valerie and clever girl you for being able to cut them out so well.

    Love Chrissie x

  3. Anonymous06 May, 2014

    Love it Val, just saw it on your other blog, too - together with the monsters :)) Hugs, Sarah

  4. Great tag, love the cut out dolls. Fancy taking your one and only doll to pieces. Naughty Valerie.

  5. Yes, I was naughty, and I enjoyed being naughty!

  6. oh wow i do love this! i had totally forgotten about making those strings of dolls. very nostalgic! xo

  7. Oooh - what memories - I loved making these. What a fab tag! Carolyn xx

  8. Cute! I love the innocence of childhood that you captured in your design. Blessings!

  9. I love it! You are so imaginative, Valerie. I've missed joining in the fun the past few weeks. Catching up a bit today.


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