Saturday, 9 May 2015


Hi everyone,
Looking for inspiration I came across the beautiful images from ''The Diary of an Edwardian Lady"by Edith Holden. 
I think everyone had the book or a print when it was first published. I remember having the images in a desk diary.
Anyhow! I got carried away on the 'pooter' again. I hope no-one minds me posting digital stuff.
I would be happy to help anyone wanting to have a go at it and not sure where to start.


  1. Very nice even if it is didgital! I have the book here, too! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Very beautiful digital take on the theme

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. What a find ! An inspirational piece to work from to create a tag and make it your own .
    I thank you for sharing .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  4. Beautifully done! Gorgeous images. I have recently started dabbling in digital artwork and recently did a trial of Photoshop Elements - lots of possiblities but I find that unless I have a go on a daily basis I forget how to do things!!
    Carolyn xx

  5. Your photo is gorgeous Pat. I love the vintage style and the colours are lush.
    Oh, and the string is perfect :o))

  6. I your digital tags!!! Beautiful wildflowers!

  7. That's so pretty! There's nothing wrong with digi when it's done this beautifully - wish I could do it :o)


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