Tuesday, 18 August 2015


hello tag friends.  for this prompt i struggled a bit but then my mind turned to the thought of fisher-people and nets in the ocean.   both the fact that nets are a way that these folks make a living and feed our families but also in the way that sometimes these nets trap marine animals unintentionally which is bad for some species.  i admit this tag didn't come out entirely as i'd hoped but here it is:

i started with spray inks in hues of blue and green.  i first tried to convey the idea of a net with a stencil but it didn't look "netty" enough for me.  so i then stamped all my images and used a piece of magic mesh to represent a net.  as you can see, the octopus is escaping the net!  by the way, this octopus was purchased many years ago for a school project my son was doing and i thought it would make a nice accent for the poster he was doing on marine life.  incidentally it is how i got started stamping, a practice that soon took over my life! (smile).

stamps: octopus is by missing link stamp co., waves are by meer image and bubbles are by G-rated stamps.

love to all.


  1. This is lovely - funny how one stamp can change your life, huh? Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I adore the beautiful underwater colours you have used for your background, and the stamps you used are so cool for this theme.

  3. Beautiful colors and I love that octopus stamp! I feel the same way regarding fishing nets and also long-line fishing.

  4. Lovely colour for your tag, love the octopus.

  5. Your tag is very pretty - love the colors and the stamps you used!!!

  6. lovely colors and stylistic design, I''m impressed! :)


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