Tuesday, 18 August 2015


After I had collected all the bits and pieces for this tag, cut out the fish, coloured the tag and made the net which proved rather difficult with the stiff stuff I had, I thought to myself, why fish in a net? Why not a beautiful lady wearing a veil made from vintage French netting? Anything but an awkward real net with fish in. But you know what it is like, once you got an idea in your head, it won't let go, so here it is, my NET with the catch of the day, and a tiny mermaid looking rather bemused at the stupidity of the fish swimming right into it -

Have a great week, everybody! Toodlepip xxx


  1. Great tag, and yes the net is very difficult to deal with. I had trouble making mine stick.

  2. Super fun tag - love the addition of the mermaid!!!

  3. this is awesome and whimsical, love it! the net looks amazing. xo


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