Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Whatever the Weather

   Hi Everyone!
This week's theme
"Whatever the weather"
turned out to be  a very accurate
prediction of the weather. The Queen's
90th birthday celebrations, along with
other events such as summer fetes and
village shows have all suffered a little
with our unpredictable weather.
Somehow, we just carry on in spite of it!
For my tag I thought about a Summer fete
with rain.
I used some card stock with several
matching sheets, and collaged some 
pieces on top of the bunting image.
I turned the clouds into rain clouds
and added rain drops.


  1. Lovely tag - we've had chaotic weather here, too - we just have to carry on! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Gorgeous tag Jane; such a pity there was a need for the rain clouds, lol. The weather has been weird in many places. I'm still blaming El Nino, lol

  3. It is shame about the weather but the sun seems to come out when the Queen appears.

    Terrific idea for your tag. I have been to lots of summer fetes where it has rained and it is never the same as when the sun shines

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. i love the banners! xo

  5. We've just had Queen's Birthday long weekend, which is the official opening of the ski season....... if the only 3 snow flakes have fallen, which I doubt they have. Fantastic tag :)

  6. Great tag with lots to see.

  7. Such a brilliant tag!!! Love it! ♥


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