Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Hi Everybody!

Happy August!

Our theme is celebrations, which I chose, and then I sat here and had no idea
what I should celebrate....In the end I decided to celebrate LIFE, which we only get once, so I think we should celebrate it and enjoy it as much as we can. I made a figure like the Nanas of Niki de St Phalle, a French artist who designed over-dimensional figures, many of which were huge ladies, who always seemed to be enjoying their lives. This is one which can be found in Hanover:

And here my tag:

Have a good week, have fun, celebrate!



  1. Love your take on it! Why not!

  2. Your tag is fabulous... maybe I'm biased because it probably looks like me in a swimsuit LOL

  3. Fantastic tag. I love the nanas because they show BIG women and not the skinny diet crazies of today! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Great take on the theme, I wouldn't dare wear a bikini now. I think it's called middle age spread, even though I'm past the middle age bit.

  5. I know all about that! I've passed middle age spread and am entering senile decline! It's not good for a bikini either!

  6. ooh! I adore the sculpture and your tag. yes, these are bountiful celebrations of life indeed and I love it. here's to life! xo

  7. I love the Nanas! I remember you did an excellent series of posts with them ^_^

  8. I just love this wonderful vibrant tag!! ♥


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