Friday, 26 April 2013

P is for.....

Hi everyone, what a lot of amazing P artists you are! Sorry, know its been said but I couldn't resist! For my oil this week I have chosen Pine, which is a lovely oil for using to fragrance the house as it refreshes a tired mind - useful after all the housework and Spring cleaning! It is a powerful antiseptic and helpful in cases of bronchitis,laryngitis and influenza. It also helps clear the sinuses after a cold. It is also a general kidney cleanser and is thus effective with cystitis and hepatitis and also prostate problems. It can aid in reducing inlammation of the gallbladder but stimulates the adrenal glands which can have a revitalising effect on the body. Good for circulation, its warming effect can help to relieve the pain of rheumatism, gout and sciatica. Fleas, please note, cannot stand the odour of Pine!

I took more care this week and first distressed a tag with gold and green distress paint. Then I embossed the pine trees and ran over them with pine needles distress ink. The tattered pine cone die I love but struggle with - anyone out there used it? I tried very hard and painted up the paper before making them and they are my best to date. The twigs and pine leaves are also die cut and distressed as is the word out of gold paper. I used paint and ink on the ribbon to make it match. Here is a close up of the cones.
They probably resemble roses close up, see what I mean about a struggle? I am catching up on myself and will be back this evening to leave comments on your lovely work.
Love Barb x


  1. Beautiful tag, a wonderful p, so to say, I could almost smell the pine....Valerie

  2. Perfect P tag, Barb! I love the dreamy background with the pine cones in front. I can almost smell it too!
    Jane x

  3. Its beautiful tag Barb, I love the soft aging colours :)

  4. LOVE your tag. Beautiful colors.

  5. Very informative post, love your P tag, fir cones are perfect! Jane xx

  6. Das ist großartig, Barb.
    Und danke für die ausführliche Beschreibung.
    Ich liebe diese echten ätherischen Düfte,
    und ich habe etliche Fläschchen davon.
    Lavendel, Pinie, Zeder, Basilikum, Orange.
    Aber ganz besonders liebe ich die orientalische Düfte.
    Ich finde, man weiß genau, was einem in der jeweiligen Situation gut tut.

    Sonnige Grüße von Sophie xx

  7. Love it Barb. I don't have this die so I am not sure what it should end up like.... they look good to me. Lovely composition too.

  8. Great Tag Barb, I love the tattered pine cone's you have made. Jules x


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